CERES5.03.25 - AGI Updates

Modified on Wed, 05 Jun 2024 at 11:59 AM

Service Request or Support: N/A

Issue Addressed: The Ceres AGI interface is experiencing the following issues:

  1. False insufficient quantity error on Picks.
  2. Zone is not checked properly when excluding from WMS.  
  3. Quantity on Inventory Picks is not included in reconciliation count.  
  4. Can’t view pallets across multiple Queues.


Objects Affected:

Type               ID                    Name

Report            14012587      Calculate Inventory-WMS Recon

Codeunit       14012380      WMS Outbound Transfers

Codeunit       14012381      WMS Inbound Transfers

Page               14012711      WMS Queue Archive Inquiry

MenuSuite    1052               Dept - Ceres


This release does not present a change in system usage methodology. 


Resolution: Ceres was Ceres was enhanced by:

  1. Updating the WMS process to prevent false insufficient quantity on Picks.  
  2. Updating the WMS process to get the Zone to be able to test for Exclude from WMS.  
  3. Updating the WMS process to Calculate Inventory on open Inventory Picks and include that calculation in the Reconciliation count.   
  4. Creating a new page (WMS Queue Archive Inquiry) to show all Queue Archive Line records.

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