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Work Item No.Work Item DescriptionWork Item Issue Description
394Add Country/Region Code to Parent Agency CardAdd the Country/Region Code to the Parent Agency card under the Zip Code field on the General tab as "additional information".
395E-documents generated Agency Invoice does not abide by the "Print Company Address" selectionWhen Ceres automatically sends an electronic Agency Invoice to the Invoice Delivery email address, the attached Invoice does not abide by the "Print Company Address" selection for the report.  The company address appears to not print regardless of if "Print Company Address" has been toggled on the report request page prior to Ceres generating the e-Document.
396Location Mandatory on Inventory SetupIf you create a new company the Location Mandatory field on Inventory Setup is set to No and there is not a way to set it to Yes since the field has been removed from the page.  The initial value for the Location Mandatory field on Inventory Setup should be set to Yes.
399Inventory Valuation report incorrect for Effective DateThe Inventory Valuation Report for Items where Valued by = Effective Date does not calculate the Inventory Value correctly.  When an Item has Valued by = Effective Date, Inventory Valuation takes the Item Value times the Remaining Pounds when it should use the Remaining Qty (e.g. Item Value times Remaining Qty).  This only applies provided there is an Item Value, if Item Value is NOT found, the report calculates correctly.
403Integration of Ceres5.02.86 - Wrong PickLine Qty. when Location Dir. Picking Option is Drop on Demand (ADCS)When setting the "Directed Picking Option" to “Drop on Demand (ADCS)” on the Location, Ceres creates multiple Pick lines for the same Item and sets the Quantity on each line incorrectly. 
404Integration of Ceres5.02.89 - Incorrect expired Lot List suggestion after WAP creationWhen a WAP is created, it can incorrectly report expired lots on the WAP Expired Lots report. 
405Integration of Ceres5.02.90 - Return Order Incorrect BinWhen a Pallet has been moved to a Zone different than the Zone it was in when the Agency Order was Invoiced, the “Credit Order and Recreate” process and/or the “Get Posted Document Lines to Reverse” function errors due to an incorrect Zone and Bin.
407Integration of Ceres5.02.93 - Ignore Bin Ranking from Bin that the Pallet to be dropped is currently in (WAP)When using a WAP template that includes Bin Ranking, Ceres is applying the bin ranking from the Pallet’s current bin. The WAP should ignore the ranking of the source bin and order the available destination bins by Bin Ranking.
408Integration of Ceres5.02.94 - Assign Reason Code on Agency Order without cancellingWhen assigning a Reason Code to an Agency Order, Ceres initiates the Order Cancelation process.  A user should be able to assign a Reason Code to an Order without Ceres attempting to cancel the order as there is a separate "Cancel Order" action on the Agency Order page to cancel an Agency Order.
409Integration of Ceres5.02.95 - AGI Transfer Orders and Misc. UpdatesAllow Transfer Orders with AGI enabled.

If using Suggest full pallets with AGI, Table 5767 has a client callback error when it prompts to delete the pallet suggestion.

AGI Reconciliation is creating physical journal lines for non-palletized product and pallets in WMS excluded bins. These records will not come back from AGI so it will always result in Ceres indicating that these products should be removed from Ceres which is incorrect since AGI has no knowledge of this inventory and can't reconcile them.

The Transfer Shipment and Transfer Receipt functions in CU 14012380 are attempting to queue up non-palletized products for AGI. The repeat loop should first check that the transfer line to be queued has a Pallet No. If the Pallet No. is blank, that transfer line should not be placed in the buffer to be sent to AGI.

In CU 14012380, there is a global variable AgencyNbr defined as Code (10). Code then attempts to update this variable with the Agency's No. field which is Code(20) resulting in and error. It doesn't appear that this field is actually being used in the CodeUnit for anything after being populated with a value, expanding the definition to Code (20) allows the process to work without error when the Agency has a No. field greater than 10 characters.

 The WMS Job Queue is stopping with errors related to locks on table Warehouse Entry. The exact causing the locks has not been identified at this time. Add a WMS Monitoring job to restart the WMS queue automatically.
410Integration of Ceres5.02.96 - WAP error for Lot in multiple Bins when reserved in Transfer OrderFor a non-palletized Items, when a Lot is located in multiple Bins and the Lot is reserved on a Transfer Order, a quantity available error is encountered when creating a WAP.
411Integration of Ceres5.02.97 - Qty. Available This Pallet IssueThe Quantity Available This Pallet function calculates the availability of a given pallet as well as demand for that pallet. In the case of a pallet being specified on an Agency Order prior to an Inventory Pick being created, the demand can be double counted, once for the Agency Order and again for the Inventory Pick line being created.
412Integration of Ceres5.02.98 - ADCS Suspense JournalAdd the ability to utilize a handheld to create a negative adjustment transaction in a designated Item journal (e.g. Suspense Journal) to make the quantity on that pallet temporarily unavailable.

NOTE: The feature requires a new miniform called WA-SUSPENSEJOURNAL to be created and added to the “MENU-WHSE ACT” miniform.  Please contact your Ceres solution center to create the WA-SUSPENSEJOURNAL and update the MENU-WHSE ACT miniforms.
413Integration of Ceres5.02.99 - Missing table relation for field 'CMobile Item Jrnl Batch' on Location tableThe table relation for the “CMobile Item Jrnl Batch” field on the Location record is missing.
414Integration of Ceres5.03.00 - Incorrect Page Header when printing multiple Agency OrdersWhen printing the Agency Order report (RP 14012273) for multiple Agency Orders, if the order has 3 or more pages and the last page printed has 1, 2, or 3 Items on it, the third page of the multi-page order has the incorrect header information (e.g. the next Agency Order No., Agency Order Date, etc.) and the page number is re-set to Page 1. If the multi-page order has 4 or more Items on the last page the third page prints correctly.
415Integration of Ceres5.03.01 - Show request page when creating and printing palletsWhen creating and printing Agency Pallets from the Agency Order page, the option to show request page is not being used. Regardless of the setting, the request page was not shown.
416Integration of Ceres5.03.02 - Cycle Count on Physical Invt. Journal Times OutIn some cases, the Ceres Calculate Inventory process can require a period of time such that the process times out.
417Integration of Ceres5.03.03 - Incorrect error descriptions Inventory Valuation ReportWhen using an Inventory Posting Group filter on the Inventory Valuation report, Ceres reports a message "An Inventory Posting Group may exclude costs for Kitted Items". If using a UNC Product Category Code filter, Ceres reports a message:  "Using a UNC Product Category could exclude costs for Kitted Items". Neither of these filters specifically apply to just Kitted Items, so the message needs to be updated to not single out Kitted Items.
418Integration of Ceres5.03.04 - No key set for ADCS Picking Sequence No.The ADCS Picking process does not provide the ability to set a key that includes the ‘Picking Sequence No.’ so pallets cannot not be picked in that order.
419Integration of Ceres5.03.05 - Prevent Survey submit error when optional fields are left blankWhen an AE Survey contains optional response fields and a field is left blank by the Agency, when the Agency attempts to submit the Survey they receive a submission failure. The following error is logged in the AE WS log: "The record in table Survey Input already exists. Identification fields and values:  Entry No. = XX."  The Entry No. XX corresponds to the Question Response that is left blank. If all responses are filled in the Survey submits successfully.
420The Pallets list page can be slow to open due to the "Qty. in Shipment Bin" field calculation.The Pallets list page can be slow to open due to the "Qty. in Shipment Bin" field calculation. 
421The Pallet Suggestion associated with the full pallet Agency Order line apperars to be deleted when WAP is postedWhen a Location is configured for Sug. Full Pallet from Put Away.  The Pallet Suggestion associated with the full pallet Agency Order line appears to be deleted when WAP is posted so when the Pick is created from the Agency Order, the Pallet No. is not available for population on the Pick line.
422Duplicate Actions on Agency CardComments, Contact, and Ship-to Addresses actions are duplicated on the Agency Card.
423Remove "Record Links File Path" from Company Information page.The "Record Links File Path" configuration/functionality is no longer used in Ceres 6 as it has been replaced by Document Attachment functionality. Thus, the "Record Links File Path" configuration was removed from the Company Information page.

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