CERES5.02.95 - AGI Transfer Orders and Misc. Updates

Modified on Tue, 28 Nov 2023 at 12:52 PM

Service Request or Support: N/A

Issue Addressed: Allow Transfer Orders with AGI enabled.  

If using Suggest full pallets with AGI, table 5767 has a client callback error Ceres008 when it prompts to delete the pallet suggestion. Processing should just delete pallet suggestion.  

AGI Reconciliation is creating physical journal lines for non-palletized product and pallets in WMS excluded bins. These records will not come back from AGI so it will always result in Ceres indicating that these products should be removed from Ceres and this is incorrect since AGI has no knowledge of this inventory and can't possibly reconcile them.  

The Transfer Shipment and Transfer Receipt functions in CU 14012380 are attempting to queue up non-palletized products for AGI. The repeat loop should first check that the transfer line to be queue does have a pallet #. If the pallet # is blank, that transfer line should not be sent be placed in the buffer to be sent to AGI.  

In CU 14012380, there is a global variable AgencyNbr defined as Code (10). Code then attempts to update this variable with the agency's No. field which is code(20) resulting in and error. It doesn't appear that this field is actually being used in the codeunit for anything after being populated with a value, expanding the definition to Code (20) allows the process to work without error when the agency has a no. field greater than 10 characters.  

The WMS Job Queue is stopping with errors related to locks on table warehouse entry. Have not been able to identify what exactly is causing the locks at this time. We should consider a WMS Monitoring job to restart the queue automatically as it is only when someone notices that transactions are no longer processing that it is identified and restarted.


Objects Affected:

Type               ID                    Name

Table              5740               Transfer Header

Table              5741               Transfer Line

Table              5767               Warehouse Activity Line

Table              14012540      WMS Integration Queue

Table              14012541      WMS Integration Buffer

Table              14012542      WMS Setup

Table              14012548      WMS Integration Queue Archive

Table              14012549      WMS Integration Buffer Archive

Report            14012587      Calculate Inventory-WMS Recon

Codeunit       7301               Whse. Jnl.-Register Line

Codeunit       7322               Create Inventory Pick/Movement

Codeunit       14012362      Send Email Notification

Codeunit       14012380      WMS Outbound Transfers

Codeunit       14012381      WMS Inbound Transfers

Codeunit       14012383      WMS Process Queue

Codeunit       14012394      AGI Process Monitor

Codeunit       14012395      AGI Job Queue Entry

XMLport         14012305      WMS Inbound Request

Page               14012712      WMS Setup

Page               14012715      WMS Queue Details


This release presents a change in system usage methodology. The following procedure documents were updated accordingly.

  1. AGI WMS Overview


Resolution: Ceres was updated to support Transfer Orders when the AGI WMS interface is enabled.  When a Pallet that is in an AGI enabled Location is added to a Transfer Order, the pallet will be placed on hold in AGI until it is removed from the Transfer Order, or the Transfer Order Shipment has been posted and the WMS Queue record has been processed.  


Updated pallet suggestions to remove confirmation.  


Updated reconciliation process to only pull palletized items into the physical journal.


When sending Transfer Orders, we will check that there is a pallet on the Transfer Line, and it exists in the Pallet table before queueing it into the WMS Queue Buffer.


Updated AgencyNbr to 20 characters.


Added an AGI Monitor to check the AGI job queue and restart if it is in error or on hold.


When the Warehouse Entry is created, we check if it needs to be sent to WMS at that time instead of during the WMS Outbound processing.   This helps prevent Warehouse Entry table locking.

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