Ceres (05.17.24)

Modified on Fri, 17 May 2024 at 12:46 PM

Batch Number: Ceres



Work Item No.Work Item DescriptionWork Item Issue Description
398Warehouse Receipts and Warehouse Put-Away does not select correct Put-Away BinWhen using both Warehouse Receipts and Warehouse Put-Aways, the Put-Away Bin is not being correctly suggested on the Put-Away "place" line according to the Put-Away Template selected.
492AE Process Monitor Setup has undefined sub actionOn the AE Process Monitor page, the sub-action under the Actions menu is undefined.    Please set the sub-action title to "Process".
493Item Ledger Report View List fails if Item has description longer than 50 charactersIf an Item that has a Description longer than 50 characters is posted, when running the Item Ledger Report View List page the following error is encountered:
 "The length of the string is ##, but it must be less than or equal to 50 characters. Value: …"
494Expand Description fields from 50 to 100 charactersSelected description fields in the fields/tables need to be expanded from 50 to 100 characters due to the global expansion of the master record (Agency, Vendor/Donor, Item, etc.) description fields from 50 to 100 characters.
495Error when designating a Location as "Use As In-Transit"When attempting to configure a new location as "Use As In-Transit" the following error is encountered:
 "Validating field Use As In-transit revealed a problem in field Bin Mandatory."
496Add Advanced View to Pallets Available pageFor the Pallet Table, the defined lookup page is the Pallets (Available) page (Page 14012700) which does not have most flowfields.  On the Pallets (Available) page define the Pallets page (Page 14012325) as the Advanced View page as it has the flowfields.     With this change, the user would be able to get to the lookup page that has the flowfields by selecting "Select from full list" from the Pallet No. drilldown and then selecting "Advanced View" from the Pallets (Available) page actions.
497AE Outbox Processing fails to process Item Fee record if Item has been deletedWhen an Item is created, permitted for web ordering, and then subsequently deleted the Item Fee record can fail to process from the AE Outbox with an "Item does not exist" error.
 A review of the Outbox Processing CU indicates an "Item.GET" in the ProcessItemFess function that should be an "If Item.GET" to prevent this error.
498Add Contact Type to Contact List PageAdd the Contact Type field to the Contact List page (Page 5052) to the left of the Contact Business Relation field.
499MealConnect Posting Date IssueWhen pending MealConnect transactions have records where the posting date is in a closed period the MealConnect process records a "Posting Date is not within your range of allowed posting dates" error on the record that had the posting date in the closed period and then the process abends.
500AE Process Monitor reports an error when the error is not currentWhen the AE Process Monitor runs if the AE Job has a previous error, the Process Monitor will report that error but the error is in the past and is not current so it should not be reported by AE Process Monitor. 
501AE Process Monitor fails to generate email when more than one notification email address is specifiedWhen the "Notification Email Addresses" field on AE Process Monitor Setup contains more than one email address (separated by a semicolon) the AE Process Monitor process fails to generate a notification email.     If only one email address is specified, then the AE Process Monitor process correctly generates the notification email.
503MealConnect error reporting fails to generate email when more than one error reporting email address is specifiedWhen the "Error Reporting Email" field on MealConnect Setup contains more than one email address (separated by a semicolon) the MealConnect process fails to generate an error notification email.  If only one email address is specified, then the MealConnect process correctly generates the error notification email.
504Appt. Time on Posted Agency Invoice Report not printingThe App. time on the Agency Invoice report (Report 14012524) does not print, even if a time exists on the Posted Agency Invoice.

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