CERES5.00.34 - Apply Outstanding Ceres 4.5 Fixes

Modified on Wed, 29 Mar 2023 at 11:54 AM

Service Request or Support: N/A

Issue addressed: Enhancements and Hot Fixes applied to Ceres 4.5 subsequent to the release of Ceres 5.0 were excluded from the initial release.


Type               ID                    Name

Table              14                    Location

Table              25                    Vendor Ledger Entry

Table              27                    Item

Table              36                    Sales Header

Table              37                    Sales Line

Table              14012323      ADCS Fields

Table              14012358      Days and Hours Frequency

Table              14012364      Agency Days and Hours

Table              14012365      Ceres Questionnaire Setup

Table              14012401      Agency Training

Table              14012403      Agency Certification

Table              14012453      Preferred Pickup Days & Times

Table              14012496      Ceres Questionnaire Group

Table              14012510      Preferred Days & Hours

Report            393                 Suggest Vendor Payments

Report            5899               Calculate Inventory Value

Report            14012290      Ceres Picking List-Landscape

Report            14012291      Ceres Picking List-Portrait

Report            14012338      Purge Frequency

Report            14012348      Update FBC/UNC Product Source

Report            14012481      Export Pickups to Roadnet

Report            14012524      Agency Invoice

Report            14012533      Agency Invoice w/ Grant Det.

Report            14012572      Agency Invoice w/ VAP Det.

Report            14012574      Agency Invoice Grant/VAP Det.

Report            14012581      Copy Agency Pref. Days & Hours

XMLPort         14012258      Import Day and Hours Freq.

Codeunit       419                 File Management

Codeunit       6620               Copy Document Mgt.

Codeunit       14012251      Transfer Data

Codeunit       14012254      Food Bank Utilities

Codeunit       14012261      Inbox Processing

Codeunit       14012264      Validate Web Order

Codeunit       14012308      Miniform Invt. Pick (Skip)

MenuSuite    1052               Dept - Ceres

Page               21                    Customer Card

Page               22                    Customer List

Page               26                    Vendor Card

Page               27                    Vendor List

Page               29                    Vendor Ledger Entries

Page               256                 Payment Journal

Page               5703               Location Card

Page               5803               Revaluation Journal

Page               14012280      Donor Card

Page               14012450      Standing Appointment Lines

Page               14012470      Donor List

Page               14012492      Days and Hours Frequencies

Page               14012543      Agency Certifications

Page               14012569      Preferred Pickup Days & Times

Page               14012571      Pref. Pickup Days & Times List

Page               14012587      Preferred Days & Hours List


Note: This release requires data in the Frequency field of the Agency Days and Hours table to be purged in order to facilitate the data type change for the Frequency field. This means that the implementation of this release will result in a loss of data (e.g. the Frequency field of the Agency Days and Hours). Sites are encouraged to copy all data (rows) from the Agency Days and Hours table (directly) and to save the data in Excel for reference.


Note: See implementation notes below.


Note: After implementing the Ceres version under which this request is released, the objects listed below must be compiled in order to prevent potential run time errors related to the change in data type for the Frequency field.




This release does not present a change in system usage methodology. 


Resolution: The following Ceres 4.5 Hot Fixes and Enhancements were applied to Ceres 5.0.

CERES4.51.48         Incorrect Agency Invoice Page Feed

CERES4.51.55         Questionnaire set to AE Survey Status = Active with blank AE Survey Freq.

CERES4.51.56         Rename of blank Ceres Questionnaire Grp Code causing update related tables

CERES4.51.57         No default Fund No. from Bank Account when running Suggest Vend Payments

CERES4.51.60         No LotNoInfo update for UNC fields using Update FBC/UNC Prod Source                                                  Codes

CERES4.51.61         Allow an apostrophe in email validation

CERES4.51.62         Prohibit modifications to Gross Weight when an item has transactions

CERES4.51.63         Populate Shipment Method Code on Allocation Journal

CERES4.51.64         Export Pickups to Roadnet report file exports

CERES4.51.65         Evaluation of FIND NEXT causing incorrect Standing Appt. on Sales Header

CERES4.51.66         Shipment Date on AO not cleared when changing Appointment Time

CERES4.51.67         Navigate function not showing Vendor Ledger Entries for Posted Donations

CERES4.51.68         Item Reclass Journal allows a new Pallet no. to be specified

CERES4.51.69         Agency Order Email error when using FB License

CERES4.51.70         Fail to add Record Note when Record Link File Path is specified on Comp. Info

CERES4.51.71         No PO No. in AO after 'Credit Order & Recreate' process in Posted Agency Inv.

CERES4.51.73         Ensure that Purchase Return Order Quantity (Base) reflects Quantity

CERES4.51.75         Agency Days and Hours Enhancement

CERES4.51.76         GoTo Skipped Line for ADCS Invt. Picking

CERES4.51.77         Agency Order Location Override

CERES4.51.78         Incorrect update of Last Reporting Date for Agency Training and Certifications

CERES4.51.79         Donor Preferred Days/ Hours and Agency Preferred Delivery Days/ Hours

CERES4.51.80         Agency Invoice Email Copy Reset

CERES4.51.82         Revaluation of Kit Items

CERES4.51.83         GoTo Skipped Line for ADCS Invt. Picking Update

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