Ceres (04.28.24)

Modified on Thu, 25 Apr 2024 at 02:45 PM

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Work Item No.Work Item DescriptionWork Item Issue Description
475MealConnect Error Text IncorrectWhen MealConnect encounters an error the actual error message is not being populated in the Error Text on the Meal Connect record.  The error text displayed is "An unknown error occurred during processing." rather than the actual error.
477Extended response time on Pallets drilldown Ceres has very slow response time when drilling down on any Pallet No. field to locate a Pallet in an environment with a substantial number of Pallet records.  When drilling down on a Pallet No. field the normal Pallet No. page (that includes all the flowfields) is being triggered.  Change this drilldown to the Pallets (Simple List) as it only includes one flowfield (e.g. Quantity Available) which should improve response time.

478Inventory Valuation report has incorrect codeThe CalcValuebyEffectiveDate function in the Inventory Valuation Report has an incorrect line of code that results in an incorrect Inventory valuation when using UNC Product Type valuation for an Item.
479Movement Worksheet missing "From Bin Code" Sorting MethodThe Movement Worksheet is missing the "From Bin Code" Sorting Method.  The "From Bin Code" Sorting Method is present in Ceres 5.1 but not in Ceres 6.  "From Bin Code" should be the default sort when the Movement Worksheet page opens.

485Pallets Page SlownessTo address this issue, the following updates were completed:
Change page name Pallets (Simple) to Pallets (Available)
Filter the Pallets (Available) page for Open = True so only available Pallets are displayed
The Open filter is releasable by the user if the user wants to see both open and closed Pallets
Change the default drilldown page for the Pallet record to the Pallets (Available) page
For all Pallet drilldowns, only open Pallets will be displayed by default
Add a menu Item for the Pallets (Available) page to the Item List and Item Card pages right under the Pallets menu Item
   Add table key to the ILE by Pallet No. to decrease the page render time of the Pallets and Pallets (Available) pages

476Bank Account Posting Group does not exist error when using Account Type = BankIn a General Journal when using an Account Type = Bank Account with a Bal. Account Type = Vendor, Agency, or Fixed Asset when you attempt to post the journal the following error is encountered when attempting to post the transaction: "The Bank Account Posting Group does not exist .."     Using the same Account Type = Bank Account with a Bal. Account Type = G/L Account or Grant the transaction posts correctly. 
480MealConnect Order displays Agency Monitoring MessageWhen processing MealConnect Orders, if the Agency has a Monitoring Expiration Date that is in the past, the following message is displayed:     "The Monitoring Expire Date for this Agency has been exceeded.  Are you sure you wish to continue this order with this Agency, Yes/No".

 Monitoring Messages for MealConnect Agencies should not be triggered when processing MealConnect Orders.
484Unable to apply Vendor entries with blank document typesWhen Vendor transactions are posted without a document type, the transactions cannot be applied to each other.
488Lots page slow when filtered for Quantity on HandWhen accessing the Lots page from an Item and then filtering the page for Quantity on Hand > 0 the page is slow to load and scroll.
489MealConnect Process Errors with Quantity Available MessageWhen processing a MealConnect transaction where the MealConnect Lines contains two lines with the same Item No. and Quantity, the Donation Order is successfully created and posted, but when the Agency Order is attempted to be created, MealConnect errors with an insufficient Quantity Available error.
490Agency Return Order Line No. ErrorWhen using either Copy Document or Get Posted Document Lines to Reverse where the source is a Posted Agency Invoice and that Posted Agency Invoice contains split lines (e.g. Line Numbers are not even increments of 10,000) the following error is encountered: "The record in table Line Number Buffer already exist.  Identification fields and values: Old Line Nubmer= '1'.
491Description2 variable too short in Web Order reportsThe "Description2" variable in the WCC Agency Web Order report (RP 14012300) and the Agency Order report (RP 14012273) is defined as TEXT(50) and needs to be TEXT(100) due to the expansion of the Item Description from 50 to 100 characters.

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