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Work Item No.Work Item DescriptionWork Item Issue Description
424Blue Receipt Activity Report does not save valuesThe Blue Receipt Activity Report does not save the user enters values when run in Ceres 6.
426The "My Donors" List errors when selecting a Food Drive DonorWhen attempting to add a Donor to the My Donors list on the Role Center, the user is able to see and then select a Food Drive Donor, but receives an error message when trying to add the Food Drive Donor.  The error is correct as Food Drive Donors should not be included in the My Donors list on the Role Center.  Food Drive Donors should not be listed to select from which would make the error only trigger if a Food Drive Donor No. was entered manually by the user.   
428Positive Pay Export Fails if Pos. Pay Export File Path is blankWork Item No. 343 removed the Pos. Pay Export File Path from the Bank Account Card as it is obsolete as the Pos. Pay Export File is always saved in the user's Downloads directory.  If the Pos. Pay Export File Path is blank on the Bank Account record the export of the positive pay file fails with a file path error.
429Incorrect Parent Donor Card Opens when selected from DonorWhen the user drills down on the Parent Donor field from the Donor Card and then selects the "Select from full list" option, if they select a Parent Donor then navigate to Related --> Parent --> Card, Ceres opens the Parent Donor Card for the first Parent Donor in the list instead of the Parent Donor that the user selected.
431Add HER Rating and HER Rating Date to Item List pageAdd the HER Rating and HER Rating Date to the Item List page as read only.
435Compliance process does not evaluate Training and Certificate Expiration dates correctlyThe logic in the Agency Reporting Compliance process with regard to Training and Certifications is incorrect.  The current logic is comparing the Training or Certification Expiration Date to the Agency Reporting Requirement - Last Reporting Date which is always the same.  The Training or Certification Expiration Date should be compared to the current date.  
436Allow Cycle Count when Put-Aways existCurrently the Ceres Calculate Inventory process for Calculation Method = "Cycle Count" allows Picks to exist when running the process.     The process needs to also allow Put-Aways to exist when running the process.
461With Work Item No. 395 applied, Company Address prints or does not print on all Agency InvoicesWork Item No. 395 added a "Print Company on E-Invoice" option to Agencies & Receivables Setup to control if Company Address is printed when E-documents generates an Agency Invoice.  This change is being applied to all Invoice printing, not just E-Documents.  With the option unselected Company Address does not print on any Agency Invoice regardless of the "Print Company Address" selection on the report request page.  With the option selected, Company Address always prints on the Agency Invoice even if the user has not selected the "Print Company Address" on the report request page.  The "Print Company on E-Invoice" option on Agencies & Receivables Setup should only apply to Invoices generated by the E-Documents process.
462Positive Pay File Format List is not searchableThe Positive Pay File Format List is not searchable in Ceres 6.      This page needs to be searchable in order to setup a Positive Pay File format.  Additionally the Positive Pay File Detail Card is searchable in Ceres 6 and should not be.  This page should only be accessed from the Positive Pay File Detail Lines page.
463Certain List Page freeze panes appear to be in the incorrect placeThe default freeze panes is in incorrect places on the following transaction list pages.  The default freeze pane on a transaction list page should be after the Name/Description field.
Donation Orders and Food Drive Donation Order list page
Purchase Order list page
Purchase Invoice list page
Purchase Return Orders list page
   Agency Credit Memo list page
464Error when updating Consume By Date, Expiration Date, or Ship by Date on the Lot CardWhen attempting to update the Consume By Date, Expiration Date, or Ship by Date on the Lot Card with a Food Bank license, a permission error message is encountered.
465Add Transfer Order No. to the Transfer Order reportThe Transfer Order report does not contain the Transfer Order No. in the header.  Add the Transfer Order No. to the report header for the Transfer Order report.
466Bin Creation Worksheet Zone Code ErrorWhen using the "Create Bins" action on the Bin Creation Worksheet a Zone Code is missing error is encountered when the Zone Code has been provided.
467Barcode on the Pallet Label (Barcode) report is not scannableThe report's barcode renders but is not scannable.
469Pallets Page is Slow to Open and NavigateWork Item No. 420 partially addressed Pallet List page performance issue by disabling logic related to Shipment Bins as well as removing the "Qty. in Shipment Bin" control. However, the performance issue is still present. Create a new Pallets list page titled "Pallets (Simple List)" with select fields (e.g. void of all flow fields except for "Quantity on Hand").
470Negative Lots Created from Item JournalNegative Lots for palletized and non-palletized Items can be created from the Item Journal under the following scenario:
Assume Pallet 123 and 456 exist in Bin A - each having a quantity of 120
An Item Journal Entry is created with an Entry Type of Positive Adjustment against Pallet 123 for a Quantity of 125.
The Item Journal line's Entry Type is then changed to Negative Adjustment
The Item Journal will post successfully provided there is at least a Quantity of 125 in Bin A - even if the Quantity crosses Pallets.

 It is not possible to calculate Quantity Available on change of Entry Type so logic was added such that if Entry Type is Purchase or Positive Adjustment and it is changed to Distribution or Negative Adjustment the Quantity is set to zero and a message is displayed for the user to reenter the Quantity.
471MealConnect Error Email Not Formatted CorrectlyThe MealConnect error email should be formated as HTML.

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