CERES5.02.98 - ADCS Suspense Journal

Modified on Tue, 28 Nov 2023 at 12:54 PM

Service Request or Support: SR-0003194

Issue Addressed: Add the ability to utilize a handheld to create a negative adjustment transaction in a designated Item journal (e.g. Suspense Journal) to make the quantity on that pallet temporarily unavailable.

Utilizing a new miniform (WA-SUSPENSEJOURNAL), the user would scan a Pallet and Ceres will create a Negative Item Journal Adjustment transaction for the quantity currently on the Pallet.   A valid reason code would be required to be entered/selected and the user will need to confirm that they wanted to create the suspense journal line.  If the scanned Pallet is already on the Suspense Journal the user will be prompted if they want to remove the Pallet/Quantity from the Suspense Journal.   The Suspense Journal Template and Batch would be specified on the Location (Warehouse fasttab on the Location card).

Objects Affected:

Type               ID                    Name

Table              14                    Location

Page               5703               Location Card

Codeunit       14012393      Miniform Suspense Journal



This release presents a change in system usage methodology. The following procedure documents were updated accordingly.

1.         Warehouse ADCS Barcode Processing


Resolution: Ceres was enhanced by updating the Location table (Table 14) and the Location Card (Page 5703) adding the “Suspense Jnl. Template Name”, “Suspense Jnl. Batch Name”, and “Suspense Default Reason Code” fields as described in service request SR-0003194.  A dedicated Miniform (WA-SUSPENSEJOURNAL) and Miniform Suspense Journal Codeunit (CodeUnit14012393) were created to accommodate the request.



NOTE: Ceres 5.02.98 requires a new miniform called WA-SUSPENSEJOURNAL to be created and added to the “MENU-WHSE ACT” miniform.  Please contact your Ceres solution center to create the WA-SUSPENSEJOURNAL and update the MENU-WHSE ACT miniforms.

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