CERES5.02.81 - WMS SplitLine function attempts to Duplicate Pick Lines

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep 2023 at 07:34 AM

Service Request or Support: SR-0003052

Issues Addressed: It was noted that the WMS (AGI) system can send an inbound (to Ceres) pick transaction multiple times. This results in two or more WMS Queues having the same transitional information. The affect of this with Ceres can result in two types errors.

The scenario that presents these errors is as follows:

  1. The first WMS Queue’s set of pick lines process successfully and the Ceres pick document is updated appropriately. As part of this processing, pick line 60000 is updated to set the “Updated By WMS” to true and pick line 50000 is split into pick line 50010.
  2. The processing for the second WMS Queue’s set of pick lines attempts to find pick line 60000. However, the find includes a filter of “Updated By WMS” = false. Since this field was set to true during the first WMS Queue’s processing, pick line 60000 is not found and the error below is logged (even though the lines does actually exist). As a result, the second WMS Queue is set to the Failure status.  




  1. A user then sets the second WMS Queue to pending which sets the “Updated By WMS” to false for all pick lines. 
  2. A user then executes the Reprocess Entry action. Any pick line that was updated in the first queue’s processing is again updated with the same values so, such pick lines look the same as they did after the first WMS Queue’s processing. However, the reprocessing attempts to again split pick line 50000 into pick line 50010 and the error below is thrown. 



Additionally, poor performance was noted when loading the Inventory Picks list page.


Objects Affected:

Type               ID                                Name

Table              14012541                  WMS Integration Buffer

Table              14012549                  WMS Integration Buffer Archive

Codeunit       14012381                  WMS Inbound Transfers


This release does not present a change in system usage methodology. 


Resolution: Ceres was enhanced to address the errors as follows:


  1. A check was added before the “Pick X Line Y not found.” error is logged. This check will determine whether the line actually exists but is simply marked as “Updated By WMS” = true. If so, the assurance is that the pick line was truly processed and Ceres will skip the reprocessing attempt and not log this error. 
  2. A check was added before Ceres attempts to split line 50000 (or any line) again. If pick line 50010 exists, this check will exit out of the split function.
  3. The sorting key of “Document No.,Error Text was added to the noted tables to address poor performance when loading the Inventory Picks list page.

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