CERES5.02.72 - Update Inventory Pick Line when Queue is set to Pending

Modified on Wed, 05 Jul 2023 at 12:10 PM

Service Request or Support: SR-0003052

Issues Addressed: When a WMS Inventory Pick transaction is received by Ceres and processed, the Inventory Pick lines’ “Updated by WMS” flag is set to ‘Yes’. Should an error (such as insufficient quantity) be encountered during the processing of the WMS Queue data, the WMS Queue will be set to the Status of Failure. A user can address the error condition and then run the “Set Status to Pending” action on the WMS Queue page to set the Status to Pending. However, when attempting to run the “Reprocess Entry” action, an error in the form of “Pick IPD-05689 Line 30000 not found.” will be logged. The Inventory Pick line does exist, but Ceres is not finding it due to the “Updated by WMS” flag being set to ‘Yes’.


Objects Affected:

Type               ID                                Name

Codeunit       14012383                  WMS Process Queue



This release does not present a change in system usage methodology. 


Resolution: Ceres was enhanced such that when the “Set Status to Pending” action is run on the WMS Queue page, the related Inventory Pick lines are updated to set the “Updated by WMS” flag to ‘No’. Thus, making the WMS Queue entry eligible for reprocessing.

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