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Purpose of this document


This document describes how to use the Payment Journal function to create and post Agency refund checks in Ceres


Ceres Object release 5.00.00 is required for the functionality described in this document.






Table of Contents


Creating and Posting Agency Refund Checks 


1. Through the normal course of business it may become necessary to refund an Agency overpayment. It is not

    necessary to create the Agency as a Vendor. You can process Agency refunds through the payment journal.

    In this example Agency B0558 has an overpayment of $618.25. 



2. The Payment Journal can be accessed from Departments à Financial Management à Cash

    Management à Tasks à Payment Journals.



3. If using Payment Journal Batches, select your Batch from the Batch Name field.



4. Enter a new line on the payment journal for the agency refund as shown below.

Posting Date:  Enter the date this refund is to be posted.

Document Type:  Select document type Refund from the drop-down list of options.

Document No.:  The system will require a document number. This number will be used to make the application against the overpayment. You can use any document number you wish. Since we will be producing a computer check, this number is only temporary and will be replaced by the actual check number once it is printed. If processing multiple agency refunds, use a unique document number for each refund.

Account Type:  Select Agency from the drop-down list of options.

Account No.:  Select the Agency to be refunded from the available Agencies. In this example we are using B0558.

Bal. Account Type:  Select Bank Account from the drop-down list of available options. 


Bal. Account No.:  Select the Bank Account code that will be used to pay the refund. 

Bank Payment Type:  Select Computer Check from the drop-down list of available options. 

5. Click on Apply Entries in the Home Ribbon.


6. This will open a list of the available ledger entries for this Agency. Find the appropriate overpayment line,

    click on it to select it, and then click on Set Applies-to ID in the Home Ribbon.


7. Click OK at the bottom of the Apply Entries screen to close it. Notice that the check amount has now been

    filled in on our journal line.


8. Select the Print Checks from Home à Print Checks.



9. Update the fields as necessary.


Bank Account:  Select the Bank Account No. the checks will be issued from. This needs to be the same Bank Account you selected when you ran the Suggest Vendor Payments Batch Job.

Last Check No.:  Verify the last check number that was used. This will automatically flow from the Bank Account Card.

Print Company Address:  If selected, the address from the Company Setup will print on the check.

Print Check No.:  If selected, the Check No. assigned by Ceres will print on each check and stub.

Print Our Acct. No.:  If selected, the Account No. identified on the Vendor Card will print on the check.

Sort by Vendor Name:  If selected, the checks will print alphabetically by Vendor Name as defined on the Vendor Card. This is regardless of the order the lines were created in the Payment Journal.

One Check per Vendor per Document No.:  This must NOT be checked when applying agency refunds.

Reprint Checks:  Choose this option if you tried to print checks, encountered a problem, and now need to reprint them. 

Test Print:  Place a checkmark in this field if you want to print the checks on blank paper before you print them on check stock. 

Preprinted Stub:  Place a checkmark in this field if you are using check stock with a preprinted stub so column information will not print.

Commit Each Check:  Place a checkmark in this field if you want Ceres to do a commit to the database for each check rather than at the completion of the print job. This can avoid discrepancies between the data and check stock in case of printer error on networks where the print job is cached. 

Use Invoice Line Dimensions:  Place a checkmark in this field if you want Ceres to populate the lines in the Payment Journal from the Dimensions on the invoice.

10.  Select Print and then choose the printer that you wish to print to.  Once the checks are printed the

        Document No. will be replaced with the Check number.



11.  Review the printed checks for accuracy.  Remember to verify that the printed check numbers match the

        Document No. in the Payment Journal.  When you have printed a check, Ceres places a checkmark in the

        Check Printed field on the Payment Journal Lines. 


12.  To post the Payment Journal, select Actions à Posting à Print or Post and Print, Select Yes to confirm that you want to post the Journal Lines.

13.  If no errors are encountered you will receive a confirmation that the journal has been posted.

14.  As a result of posting, we now see that Agency balance is zero in our example.


15.  We can access the ledger entries for the Agency to see the application of the refund to the overpayment.


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