Agency Credit Order and Recreate (v5.0)

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Purpose of this document


This process provides an easy method to reverse a Posted Agency Invoice and replace it with an open Agency Order.   This process is normally needed to reverse an Agency Order that was posted incorrectly – for example missing Delivery Fees or a Grant application.  This new function will create and post an Agency Return Order/Credit Memo (which is applied to the Posted Invoice) and then create a replacement Agency Order.  


Ceres Object release 5.00.00 & 5.00.54 are required for the functionality described in this document. 



Table of Contents



Initial Setup


The ability to credit a Posted Agency Invoice and recreate a new order is controlled on a per user basis. To allow users to use this functionality, go to Departments à Administration à Application Setup à Users à User Setup.


1. Place a checkmark in Allow Credit/Recreate Order field for each user who should have thi




Crediting and Recreating the Agency Invoice


1. To initiate this process for a posted Agency Invoice, go to to Departments à Agencies &

    Receivables à Archive à Posted Agency Invoices.  



2. Locate the Invoice you want to credit and recreate.  Once you have located the Invoice, double click it to




3. Click on the Home Tab of the Ribbon and then select Credit Order and Recreate.



4. Ceres will automatically create a return order/credit memo, referencing the original invoice and at the same

    time create a new Agency Order. A pop-up window will alert the user what is about to happen. You will be

    required to enter a valid reason code for the return order/credit memo. After entering the reason code, click

    OK if you want to proceed. If you wish to cancel the process simply click Cancel.



5. If you fail to enter a valid reason code this error message will be displayed.



6. The process will create a Return Order/Credit Memo and post it.  At the same time a new Agency Order will

    be created. The new Agency Order will have a reference to the original invoice.



7. Proceed to make the necessary changes. The following rules apply to what can be changed.

  1. You can change or update the Unit Fee on the lines.
  2. You can add a new line with the Line Type of G/L Account or Charge (Item) only. This is if you want to add Delivery Fees to the Order or apply a Grant.
  3. You can change existing Item quantities.
  4. You can remove existing Item lines from the Order.
  5. You can add additional Item lines to the Order.
  6. You can delete the replacement Order.



8. Once all changes are completed, release the new order and post it.  If picks are required, a new pick  need

    to be created first before you can post the order.   Process the pick like you normally would.


9. The new posted Agency Invoice will have a reference to the original invoice.


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