CERES5.01.97 - ADCS Enhancements

Modified on Tue, 11 Apr 2023 at 09:33 AM

Service Request or Support: 

Issues addressed: 

1. Movements verify the specified pallets are not present on other documents (Agency Orders,

    Transfer Orders, etc.). A code review noted an improper filter for the Item No. when determining

    demand on Transfer Orders. In practice, this improper filter is not consequential as the Transfer

    Order is further filtered for the specified pallet. However, it was desired to correct the improper filter

    as a matter of housekeeping.

2. The Transfer Pallet ADCS function does not consider the “Block Movement” setting for Bins. Thus

    a pallet can be transferred between Bins regardless of whether the Bins involved are blocked for 

    inbound, outbound, or all movement.

3. When overriding the Bin under the Inventory Pick or Inventory Pick (Skip) ADCS functions, the

    pallet is moved to the new Bin assigned, but the Zone is not updated with the correct Zone from

    the newly assigned bin. This presents an issue when posting related picks because the Bin does

    not belong to the Zone specified for the pick line. Additionally, if the Bin and Zone are updated and

    the pallet is moved correctly, it appears that other picks having the same pallet will now be

    referencing an older Bin and Zone instead of the current Bin and Zone which prevents pick


4. In CU-14012308 (Miniform Invt. Pick (Skip)) the "Id" local variable in the GetEmployee function is

    defined as Code 20 and should be defined as Code 50.  The same variable in same function exists

    in CU 14012302 (Miniform Invt. Pick) should also be updated.


Objects Affected:

Type               ID                                Name

Table              7326                           Whse. Worksheet Line

Codeunit       14012281                  Miniform Transfer Pallet

Codeunit       14012302                  Miniform Invt. Pick

Codeunit       14012308                  Miniform Invt. Pick (Skip)


This release does not present a change in system usage methodology. 

Resolution: Ceres was enhanced as indicated below.


1. The improper Item No. filter was updated.

2. Business logic was added such that the Transfer Pallet ADCS function abides by the “Block 

    Movement” setting for Bins. Below is an example of an attempt to transfer a pallet from a Bin that

    is blocked for outbound movements.




3. For the Inventory Pick and Inventory Pick (Skip) ADCS functions, it was determined that the ability

    to override the Bin Code was not needed and actually presented an unnecessary step in the

    workflow. To resolve this, the Field Type for the Bin Code node was changed from Input to Output





Additionally, it was desired to confirm the Pallet No. Whereas prior to this release, Ceres did not require the Pallet No. to be scanned for confirmation, it is now required.

4. The parameter “Id” was updated to a length of 50 for the two Codeunits.

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