Inventory Movement Worksheet (6.0)

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Inventory Movement Worksheet



Purpose of this document


The scope of this document is manual movements via the Movement Worksheet. The Movement Worksheet allows for the movement of product from one Bin to another. Some common movements include Receiving to Putaway or Pick/Put; movement from Putaway to Pick Bin or movement to a hold bin.  Movements can be entered manually or by calculating replenishment using the Movement Worksheet Warehouse Activity Plan (WAP) functionality. The scope of this document is manual movements, which will be discussed as they relate to the Items on Agency Orders Report guidance or determined by other means. The Warehouse Activity Plan procedure document discusses calculating Pick Bin replenishment, facilitated by the Movement Worksheet.   Movements can also be executed by the ADCS handhelds, and that process is described in that procedure. A full list is provided in Related Documents.


Ceres Object release 6.00.00 is required for the functionality described in this document.





When to use the Movement Worksheet


There are times when a product needs to be moved to a Pick bin to fulfill the demand on orders for a specified shipment date. Once the orders have been released, this movement can be conducted using the Movement Worksheet. The movement of product for picks should only be completed for released orders for a specific shipment date, before Picks are created and printed. Otherwise you risk moving the product from the Bin the Pick is indicating for that Item.

The Movement Worksheet page contains the worksheet in which you plan movements of inventory within the warehouse. The most routine movements you plan are the movements to replenish the bins with the fastest moving inventory. You can also create movements that would not normally be suggested by Ceres, even movements from a higher-ranking bin to a lower ranking bin.

Before using the Movement Worksheet, a batch for each location that will be using Movement Worksheets must be created and linked to that location.

Note: Refer to the Movement Worksheet Templates-Batches’ document for instructions.

  1. Movement Worksheets can be accessed by selecting “Search” from the Dynamics 365 Business Central Banner and entering “Purchase Orders” in “Tell me what you want to do” then selecting “Movement Worksheets” from the results in the Go to Pages and Tasks section OR by selecting the “Movement Worksheets” menu action (if present) from your Role Center home page.


  1. Select a Movement Worksheet from the Worksheet Names list.  Once you select a Worksheet Name, the Location Code will auto-fill based upon the Location linked to that worksheet template.


  1. The Sorting Method field defines the way the worksheet is sorted. If you change the method, you change how the lines are sorted. The options are: <Blank>, Item, To Bin Code and Due Date.


Note: It is not necessary to select a Sorting Method unless desired.

  1. Begin entering the items for movement (based upon the Items on Released Orders report). Once the Item No. is entered, the description will populate.
    1. If the item is palletized, select the pallet to move, if not, select the Lot No.
    2. Enter the From Zone Code and From Bin Code (or enter the From Bin Code and the From Zone Code will populate).
    3. Enter the To Zone Code and To Bin Code.
    4. Enter the Quantity (to move) and the Qty. Outstanding & Qty. to Handle will populate.



  1. Finish entering the lines to move the items and then click on Actions à Registering à Register Movements.



Click Yes on the confirmation box to proceed. Registering will post the movement.  


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