Inventory Movement Worksheet Templates (v5)

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Purpose of this document


The Movement Worksheet allows for the movement of product from a Receiving or Put-away (Storage) bin to a Pick bin for distribution on Agency Orders in Ceres. This document describes setting up the Templates.


Ceres Object release 5.00.00 is required for the functionality described in this document.



Table of Contents


Setting up Warehouse Worksheet Templates


1. The Warehouse Worksheet Template can be created by going to Departments à Warehouse à Setup à Warehouse à Whse. Worksheet Templates.


2. A new template can be creating by clicking on Home àNew from the Whse Worksheet Template List. Enter MOVEMENT in the Name field and Movement Worksheet in the Description field. Select Movement in the Type field and input 7351 in the Page Id field.


3. To access the Worksheet Names, click on Navigate à Names.



4. In the Edit – Whse. Worksheet Names – Movement Worksheet Page, enter the name of your Worksheet (i.e. KAN, etc.). Select the appropriate Location for the Worksheet, enter a meaningful description, and the click OK.


5. Repeat the process and create as many Worksheets as needed for each location.

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