Parent Vendor Overview (v6.0)

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Parent Vendor Overview



Purpose of this document


This document discusses the setup of the Parent Vendor Cards for all types of product vendors. Typically, food banks do not establish a parent vendor or vendor records in Ceres for financial donors.


Ceres Object release 6.00.00 is required for the functionality described in this document.









Food banks purchase product and services throughout the year and need an accurate method of keeping track of what was purchased from each vendorMany of the vendors are retail chain stores and the Food Banks need to track purchases for the entire chain. To accomplish this, a parent vendor/ vendor structure was created. The individual chain store would be set up as a vendor and the parent company as the parent vendor. The vendor can be linked to the parent vendor for tracking and reporting purposes.

Creating Parent Vendors

  1. Parent Vendors can be accessed by selecting “Search” from the Dynamics 365 Business Central Banner and entering “Parent Vendor List” in “Tell me what you want to do” then selecting “Parent Vendor List” from the results in the Go to Pages and Tasks section OR by selecting the “Parent Vendor List” menu action (if present) from your Role Center home page.



  1. Select New to create a new parent vendor. Parent vendors may be edited by highlighting a parent vendor in the List and then selecting Manage à Edit.



  1. The Parent Vendor Card will display. Fill in the fields on the General FastTab as needed.



No.: This is the main identifier for the parent vendor, which can be entered as any combination of text and numbers. Ceres can be set up to automatically number each parent vendor for you, or you can enter the number manually.


Name: This field provides the main name of the parent vendor. Therefore, enter the name as you want it to appear on documents.


Name 2: An extension of the Name field.


Address: This field would typically be the street number and street name of the parent vendor. The contents of the Address field are often used when you print something, so enter it as you want it to appear.

Additional addresses, phone numbers, and contact information can be set up using the Supplemental Address functionality. A Supplemental Addresses FactBox will display to the right of the Card. This FactBox provides a link to any Supplemental Addresses that have been set up for this parent vendor. See the Supplemental Address documentation for more information.

City: Enter the City of the parent vendor.


State: Enter the state of the parent vendor. Enter it as you want it to appear in printed documents.


Zip Code: Enter the zip code of the parent vendor.


Note: If you fill in the zip code field with a zip code that is linked to a single city in the zip code table, Ceres will fill in the city field automatically. If there is more than one city linked to the zip code, Ceres displays a list of the relevant cities for you to choose from. If the zip code is not set up in the zip code table, you must enter the city manually.


Country/Region Code: Enter the country or region where the parent vendor is located. This field is optional.

Location Code: Enter the default Location Code used to receive product from this parent vendor.


Gross Weight: This field displays, in pounds, the parent vendor’s total weight received. This is the total for all vendors linked to this parent vendor. Ceres automatically calculates and updates the contents of the field using the entries in the Ext. Gross Weight field in the Item Ledger Entries. To see the entries that make up the amount shown, drill down on the field.


Last Date Modified: This field is maintained by Ceres and displays the date the parent vendor was last modified.

Last Modified By: This field is maintained by Ceres and displays the login identification of the user that last modified the parent vendor.

Search Name: Automatically defaults to the Name field but can be overridden. This can be used as an alternative field from which to search or find the parent vendor.


  1. Move to the Communication FastTab and fill in the fields as needed.



Address Information: The address information entered on the General FastTab will also be displayed here.

Contact: Enter the primary contact of the parent vendor.


Phone No.: Enter the primary phone number for the parent vendor. A consistent format when entering the number, such as: (123) 456-7890, is recommended.


Contact: Enter the primary contact’s name for this parent vendor if not populated by entering the Primary Contact No. above.


Fax No.: Enter the fax number of the parent vendor. A consistent format when entering the number, such as: (123) 456-789, is recommended.


E-Mail: Enter the e-mail address of the parent vendor. Enter a single e-mail address using any type of text or numbers, in a standard e-mail address format.


Home Page: Enter the Internet home page for this parent vendor.


Vendor List


  1. To see a list of all vendors related to this parent vendor, select Related à Parent Vendor à Vendor List.



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