Purchase Invoice Overview (v6.0)

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Purchase Invoice Overview



Purpose of this document


Generally, purchase orders are used for transactions involving inventory and purchase invoices for other types of purchase transactions. Entering and posting transactions directly from a purchase invoice means that the receiving function is not included. Using purchase invoices alone is most relevant when recording non-inventory-related transactions, such as utilities, services or office supplies.


Ceres Object release 6.00.00 is required for the functionality described in this document.








Creating Purchase Invoices


  1. Purchase Invoices can be accessed by selecting “Search” from the Dynamics 365 Business Central Banner and entering “Purchase Orders” in “Tell me what you want to do” then selecting “Purchase Orders” from the results in the Go to Pages and Tasks section OR by selecting the “Purchase Orders” menu action (if present) from your Role Center home page.


  1. If you are using batches, select your batch from the batch list; otherwise click Cancel.



  1. A list of open purchases invoices that exist within Ceres will be displayed. Select one from the list to edit or create a new order.




Purchase Invoice Header


  1. To create a new purchase invoice, Home à New.



  1. Press the Enter key to have Ceres automatically assign the next document number in the No. field. This will also fill in the Posting Date, Order Date, and Document Date by using the Work Date.


  1. In the Vendor No. field, enter the vendor number or use the lookup to select the vendor from the list. The vendor’s name, address, contact, and fund. will flow from the Vendor Card.



  1. In the Document Date field, enter the invoice date from the vendor’s document. Ceres will calculate the Due Date for this invoice by using this date and the vendor’s payment terms which are displayed on the Invoicing FastTab.


  1. Before posting, the Vendor Invoice No. field is a required field and must be filled in. This number will print on the check stub when the vendor payment is made.


  1. Fill in the other fields of the on the Header as needed.


Purchase Invoice Lines


  1. Move to the lines of the purchase invoice.


  1. Select the appropriate Type from the drop-down list. In the case of purchase invoices, G/L Account would be the normal selection.


  1. Enter the account number you wish to post to or hit F4 to get a list of your accounts. Although the name of the G/L Account pops into the Description field by default, you can use the Description field to add any relevant notes or other descriptive text regarding the transaction. If the Post PO/PI in Detail is toggled in the Purchases & Payables Setup, then the Description entered on the Invoice Lines will be posted in detail to the General Ledger Entries and the Vendor Ledger Entries.


  1. Enter the quantity in the Quantity field (generally 1).


  1. Enter the Direct Unit Cost. This value will be multiplied by the value in the Quantity field, and automatically update the Line Amount Excl. Tax field.


  1. Select the dimension values that apply to the item for this invoice. If you input a Department Code and Project Code on the Invoice Details FastTab, the values will flow to the lines.


  1. Fill in the other fields on the Line, as needed.


  1. Enter additional lines, if needed.



  1. Be sure to confirm that all the data has been entered correctly, especially paying attention to the G/L Account No. and Direct Unit Cost and then Post or Post & Print the invoice.


Attaching Documents to the Purchase Invoice


Prior to posting the purchase invoice, you can attach a pdf copy of the vendor’s invoice. This way attached documents are readily available for future reference.


  1. From the purchase invoice, select Invoice à Attachments.



  1. From the Links Page, select Attach Files.



  1. In the window that opens, locate the file to add. Update the file name if needed. Click open to attach the document.



  1. Once saved, the linked document will display as follows. The document be opened, modified, or deleted.



  1. The linked document can also be opened, modified, or deleted from a posted purchase invoice by selecting Invoice à Attachments.


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