CERES5.02.50 - AGI Reconciliation Enhancement

Modified on Wed, 31 May 2023 at 12:17 PM

Service Request or Support: N/A

Issues Addressed:

  1. Time zone mismatch.
  2. Pick Generation processing time takes longer than it should.
  3. Location mismatch between header and lines.
  4. Reconciliation to allow multiple sets of data to be transferred to Ceres.
  5. Shorts and cuts on Inventory Picks.


Objects Affected:

Type                           ID                                Name

Table                          5766                           Warehouse Activity Header

Table                          7354                           Bin

Table                          14012540                   WMS Integration Queue

Table                          14012541                   WMS Integration Buffer

Table                          14012543                   WMS Integration Error Log

Table                          14012549                   WMS Integration Buffer Archive

Report                        14012587                   Calculate Inventory-WMS Recon

XMLport                     14012305                    WMS Inbound Request

Codeunit                    14012380                    WMS Outbound Transfers

Codeunit                    14012381                    WMS Inbound Transfers

Codeunit                    14012382                    WMS Job Queue Handler

Page                           7377                           Inventory Pick

Page                           9316                           Inventory Picks

Page                           14012713                   WMS Queue

Page                           14012714                   WMS Integration Error Log

Page                           14012725                   WMS Activity Messages

Page                           14012726                   WMS Activity Messages Archive



This release does not present a change in system usage methodology. 


  1. Set Shipment Date to noon to avoid the time zone pushing into another day.
  2. Removed SLEEP command to Inventory pick generation will not halt.
  3. Check Header and Line locations.   If either is set to enable WMS, they must match.
  4. Updated Reconciliation to create 1 WMS Queue and store all incoming data for it.  Job Queue will run once all data has come into Ceres and the WMS Queue has been marked Ready for Reconciliation.
  5. Incoming Picks will no longer reset the Quantity field to match the AGI Quantity.  Only the Qt. to Handle will be updated so Shorts and Cuts can be handled properly.

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