AP Check Voiding (v5.0)

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Purpose of this document


Voiding a check may be necessary if a check was lost or has not cleared the bank. This procedure outlines the necessary steps. 


This document describes the steps on how to void an AP check.


Ceres Object release 5.00.00 is required for the functionality described in this document




Table of Contents


Voiding an AP Check


1. You can void checks from the Check Ledger Entries window. 


2. The Check Ledger Entries window can be accessed from Departments à Financial Management à Cash

    Management à Lists à Bank Accounts.  Highlight the Bank Account the check you want to void was written

    from and then select Navigate à Check Ledger Entries. 



3. Find the check you want to void and then select Navigate à Void Check. The Entry Status field must be

    Posted to void a check.

4. In the Void Date field, enter the date you want to void the check. 


5. Select the Type of Void.  The options are:

Unapply and void check:  The payment will be unapplied so that the vendor ledger entry for the invoice will be open, and the payment will be reversed by the voided check.


Void check only:  The vendor ledger entry will still be closed by the payment entry, and the voided check entry will be open.


6. Click Yes to void the check.

7. Ceres creates a new entry with the posting description Voiding check XXXX. The Entry Status field on the

    check ledger entry is changed to Financially Voided.

Note:  If you want to re-issue a check that has been voided, you must enter a new payment in the payment journal.  If the voided check was unapplied, you can apply the new check to the original invoice entry. If the voided check was not unapplied, then you must apply the new check to the vendor ledger entry that was created by when the check was voided.


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