CERES5.03.22 - AE4 New Updates

Modified on Wed, 05 Jun 2024 at 11:56 AM

Issue Addressed: The following Agency Express 4 issues have been resolved.

  1. Retrieving orders via the AE4 Admin page times out and causes locking in Ceres.
  2. The Initialize AE4 Agency/Shopper process is filtered for wrong AE version.
  3. Orders can show up twice in AE4 as orders are also being retrieved from archived orders.
  4. Allocated Orders are shown in AE4 even if they have not been sent to AE in Ceres.
  5. When sending the ASN the email attachment name includes the file path.
  6. When updating Allocated Orders on AE4, the Allocated Qty. Remaining Action from Inventory Setup in Ceres is not be triggered.
  7. The AE4 Debugging Allowed field is shown on the User Setup page by default.
  8. When using the Pre-Reservation model, Agencies are able to see and select other Agencies Standing Appointments.

Objects Affected:

Type               ID                    Name

Table              36                    Sales Header

Table              112                 Sales Invoice Header

Report            14012596      Initialize AE4 Agency/Shopper

Report            14012598      Update Agency Invc Web Status

XMLport         14012310      AE Get Orders for Agency

XMLport         14012311      AE Get Orders for Foodbank

XMLport         14012313      AE Get Order Details

Codeunit       14012384      AE Outbound

Codeunit       14012388      AE Web Services

Codeunit       14012389      Send ASN Management

Codeunit       14012392      AE Web Service Management

Page               119                 User Setup


This release does not present a change in system usage methodology. 



  1. The AE4 Admin Order retrieval routine was updated to remove updates to the Web Status as part of the routine.  Web Status is now updated during posting and when changes are made to the Agency Order.
  2. The filter was updated to the correct version (e.g. AE4) for the Initialize AE4 Agency/Shopper process.
  3. When retrieving Archive Orders, a check was added if the Order/Reference No already exists in the export data to prevent duplicating the orders sent.
  4. An update was made to check if the Allocated Order has been exported to the web before adding it to the export order list.
  5. The file path was removed from the file name for the attachment.
  6. If an Allocated Order is changed on the web, the Allocated Qty. Remaining Action from Inventory setup will be triggered when the order is received in Ceres.
  7. AE4 Debugging Allowed is now hidden by default.
  8. When calculating the number of standing appointments ensure that the Agency is only able to see their standing appointments.

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