Personalizing Profiles (Roles) (v6.0)

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Personalizing Profiles (Roles)



Purpose of this document


The document explains how a user can personalize a Profile, also known as a Role, and then deploy the personalization to other users. User Permission Set “D365 PROFILE MGT” is required to perform the steps described in this document.



Ceres Object release 6.00.00 is required for the functionality described in this document.









Personalizing Profiles (Roles)


Profiles, also known as Roles, are a way to build individual experiences for users based on their role at the Food Bank by customizing the Pages they use to perform their tasks. A Profile can be personalized by one user, and then deployed to other users who are assigned that same Profile.


  1. Profiles can be personalized by selecting “Search” from the Dynamics 365 Business Central Banner and entering “profile” in “Tell me what you want to do” then selecting “Profiles (Roles)” from the results in the Go to Pages and Tasks section.



  1. From the Profile (Roles) Page, select the Profile you want to customize and then click on the Profile ID field. Alternatively, you can select Manage à Edit.



  1. From the Profile (Role) Card page, select Customize pages.




  1. This will take you to new browser tab with another instance of Business Central in “Customizing” mode.



  1. Find the Page you want to customize and click on it. From the drop-down list select Open.



  1. If a List page displays and you want to customize the Card page, click on any record to open the Card page.





  1. Find the field or fields you want to personalize and then click the red chevet to the right of the field. From the drop-down list select an available option. For example, if you want to hide a field select Hide, to move a field select Move, etc.



  1. Once you’ve finished customizing a Page, select Done to save the changes.




Upon successful completion of the Customization, the following confirmation should be displayed.




Note: Best practice is to log out of Ceres and then back in after completing a Role Personalization.


Deploying Personalized Profiles (Roles)


  1. To deploy the Profile that was personalized to other users, select “My Settings” by clicking on the Settings Icon from the Dynamics 365 Business Central Banner.



  1. From the Edit - My Setting Page, go to the Role field and click on the ellipsis button. From the drop-down list select the Profile (Role) that was personalized and then click OK.




  1. If the Profile (Role) that was personalized does not display in the Role drop down list, go back to Profiles (Roles) page and confirm whether or not the Enabled field is toggled. If the Enable field is not toggled, open the Profile (Roles) Card and toggle it. Repeat this for each Profile (Role) you want to display in the drop-down list from Role in My Settings.




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