Duplicate Lot Numbers (v6.0)

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Duplicate Lot Numbers



Purpose of this document


This document describes how Ceres prevents duplicate Lot Numbers and what can be done if a potential duplicate Lot Number condition exists.


Ceres Object release 6.00.00 is required for the functionality described in this document.




Prevention of Duplicate Lot Numbers


For Purchase and Donation Order transaction Ceres automatically generates a Lot No. Information records when a user specifies Quantity for the transaction. For positive adjustments via the Item Journal or output via the BOM Journal, manual creation of Lot No. Information records is required via the “Assign Lots” action.


Regardless of how the Lot is created for the transaction, Ceres will not allow the “Item No.” to be changed. Doing so would result in 2 (or more – depending upon how many time the “Item No.” was changed) Lot No. Information records having the same “Lot No.” but a differing “Item No.”


Attempting to change the “Item No.” on an inbound transaction will result in an error message like the one shown below.


Correcting Lines


If a Lot number exists on the transaction and the user needs to change the Item Number on the Line, follow these steps:


  1. For a Purchase Order, Donation Order, or positive adjustments via the Item Journal, clear the “Lot No.” field. If the Item is palletized and a Pallet number exists, it will be cleared from the transaction automatically. The Item can now be changed, and a new Lot created via the normal transaction processes.


For a BOM Journal Line (used in Kitting) you must delete the entire line and recreate it with the new Item number and generate a new Lot number for that Item.

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