Agency Preferred Days and Hours Setup (v5.0)

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Agency Preferred Days and Hours Setup


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The Agency Preferred Days and Hours functionality provides Ceres users with the ability to record the days and hours of operation for agency deliveries. It specifies the hours of operation that the foodbank may conduct business with the agency. It differs from agency days and hours, which is used to specify the operating hours for the agency that clients have access to the agency.


Ceres Object release 5.00.00 is required for the functionality described in this document.



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Agency Preferred Days and Hours Setup


Accessing Agency Preferred Days and Hours

Agency Preferred Days and Hours may be accessed from either the Agency List or the Agency Card. In either case it is accessed from the Navigation ribbon available on the Agency Card or Agency List. Go to Departments à Financial Management à Receivables à Agencies. 

You will see the list of Agencies. Select Navigate à Distributions à Agency Preferred Days and Hours.

To edit an existing record click on the line you wish to change.

To create a new line, either move the next available line and begin entering, or click New in the Home Ribbon.

Enter the day of week or use the AssistButton to select the day of week.

Enter the hours of operation by filling in the Morning Opening Hour, Morning Closing Hour, Afternoon Opening Hour, Afternoon Closing Hour and Frequency. You can use F8 to copy from the line above. Frequency could be Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly or similar.

Enter any Comments and Meal Types served related to that day.

Check the 24/7 field if appropriate.

Note: The key to the Agency Preferred Days and Hour table includes the Agency No., Day of the Week and the Morning Opening Hour fields. If you change any of these on an existing line the system will ask you to confirm that you are renaming the record.

Copy to Functionality:

If you have several Agencies with similar hours you may use the copy function to update other agencies. To use this function select the Home à Copy to function.


From the Copy Agency Pref. Days and Hours FastTab you can filter the copy from records. By default the current Agency, and all days will be used. You may change the filters to only copy a particular day or days. Please note that if you copy records to another Agency and the record already exists, the existing records will not be overwritten.

In the Copy to Agency FastTab filter the Agencies you want to copy to. In the example above, Ceres will copy all days of the week for Agency 1011A to Agency A0592. Press OK to copy the records.

Agency Preferred Days and Hours Page and Report

An Agency Preferred Days and Hours List page can be displayed that is based on the setup outlined above.  To view the List, go to Departmentsà Agencies & Receivables à Agency Relations à Agency Preferred Days and Hours.




You can also export the Days and Hours Page to Excel or Word using base Ceres functionality.



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