Non-Lot Tracked Item Overview (v5.01.70)

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Purpose of this document


This document illustrates the setup of non-lot tracked items in Ceres. Non-Lot items can be used to track supplies that require a level of inventory management. Non-Lot tracked items are supported in item Journals, Item Reclass Journals, Agency orders, Donation Orders, Purchase Orders and Transfer Orders.


Note: Non-Lot tracked items are not supported in Physical Inventory Journals or use in Kitting.


Ceres Object release 5.01.70 is required for the functionality described in this document. 



Table of Contents




Non-Lot tracked items can be used to track any items requiring inventory tracking but are unrelated to the food bank operations for recording pounds distributed. These are explicitly excluded from the Receipts and Distribution Report and all Feeding America reporting as will open on the user’s desktop. The Excel document can then be saved and sent to Feeding America.

Inventory Setup


To utilize non-lot tracked items, you must first enable the feature in the inventory setup page. To access Inventory Setup, select Departments à Financial Management à Inventory à Setup.



On the General tab of the Inventory Setup Page check the box “Allow Non-Lot Tracked Items”. This will enable a field on the item page called “Lot No. Required” and make it visible.



Item Setup

Setup of non-lot tracked items is similar to setting up any other item in Ceres with the exception of this one field. Refer to the Item Overview documentation for more help on creating items. There are other considerations that you may wish to change on these non-lot tracked items as well.


Fees & Distribution Tab



Exclude from Lb. Based Delivery Charge:  This field can be used to exclude this item when delivery charges are calculated on an agency order. It only applies to calculation methods that are based on pounds. If you do not want this non-lot tracked item to be considered in the delivery fee calculations based on cents pre pound, you should check this box to exclude the item from delivery fee calculations.


Item Tracking Tab




Lot No. Required: This field is only visible if Non-Lot item tracking is enabled. This field allows you to specify if lots are tracked for this item. Non-lot tracked items can’t be palletized. Unchecking this field is only allowed if Pallet No. Required is not checked.


Note:   Only non-food consumable items that are not reported on the Receipts & Distribution report should be specified as Non-Lot tracked.


Lot Nos.: This field should be left blank for non-lot tracked items.


Pallet No. Required:  This field must not be checked on non-lot tracked items.


Permit Web Orders:   This field must not be checked on non-lot tracked items.

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