CERES5.01.38 - Update Vendor/Donor List Page links

Modified on Mon, 10 Apr 2023 at 08:27 PM

Service Request or Support:

Issue addressed:  With Ceres 5.00.38 applied, security permissions need to include “modify” on User Setup (Table 91) for all users which is not best practice. Embedding the permissions in the User Setup table is not an option.  Additionally, adding a Vendor List to the navigation pane shows a page that is not a Vendor List. With Ceres 5.00.38, many places where vendors are listed in the system do not allow the “right-click and add” to the navigation pane. Manually adding it through the navigation pane works, but it renders an incorrect page.

Objects Affected:

Table                91                     User Setup

CodeUnit          14012292          Vendor Type Vendor List (obsolete)

MenuSuite         1052                 Dept - Ceres

Page                27                     Vendor List

Page                14012273          Posted Donation Receipt

Page                14012274          Posted Donation Order

Page                14012275          Posted Donation Credit Memo

Page                14012305          Posted Donation Receipts

Page                14012306          Posted Donation Orders

Page                14012307          Posted Donation Credit Memos

Page                14012338          Food Drive Donors

Page                14012347          Donation Return Orders

Page                14012352          Donation Credit Memo

Page                14012354          Blanket Donation Order

Page                14012356          Donation Orders

Page                14012383          Donation Credit Memos

Page                14012384          Blanket Donation Orders

Page                14012385          Posted Don. Return Shipmnts

Page                14012386          Posted Don. Return Shipmnt

Page                14012458          Donor Ledger Entries

Page                14012506          Mobile Donation Order

Page                14012521          Parent Donor History FactBox

Page                14012529          Food Drive Donation Order

Page                14012531          Food Drive Donation Orders

Page                14012533          Food Drive Posted Don. Receipt

Page                14012534          Food Drive Posted Don. Order

Page                14012535          Food Drive Posted Don. Recpts

Page                14012536          Food Drive Posted Don. Orders

Page                14012581          Donation Order Archive

Page                14012583          Food Dr.Donation Order Archive

Page                14012585          Donation Return Order Archive

Page                14012590          Donation Order Archives

Page                14012591          Food Drive Donation Archives

Page                14012592          Donation Return Order Archives


This release does not present a change in system usage methodology. 


Resolution:  Objects mentioned in the object list above have been updated to link the Donor No. to the correct dedicated list page. Vendor List (Page 27) has been updated to exclude Donors.  


Ceres Release Ceres 5.00.38 has been reversed: 

CodeUnit 14012292 (Vendor Type Vendor List) is now an obsolete object.

Table 91 (User Setup) has 2 obsolete fields: 

14012266: Object Last Run Date

14012267: Object Last Run Time

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