CERES5.00.52 - Pre-orders

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Issue addressed: Pre-Orders can be thought of as a queried forecast. Meaning, the Food Bank would like to know the quantity of a purchased item each queried Agency expects they will order. This information then allows the food bank to determine how much of a given Item they should purchase in order to fulfill the expected demand.



Type               ID                    Name


Table              27                    Item

Table              36                    Sales Header

Table              37                    Sales Line

Table              83                    Item Journal Line

Table              233                 Item Journal Batch

Table              313                 Inventory Setup

Table              14012533      Pre/Back Order Invt. Line

Table              14012534      Pre-Order Worksheet Name

Table              14012535      Std. Pre/Back Order Invt. Line

Table              14012536      Standard Pre-Order Worksheet

Report            14012583      Send-to Allocation Journal

Report            14012584      Save as Std. Pre-Order Wkst.

Report            14012585      Pre-Order Import

Codeunit       414                 Release Sales Document

Codeunit       14012258      Lot Management

MenuSuite    1052               Dept - Ceres

Page               30                    Item Card

Page               262                 Item Journal Batches

Page               461                 Inventory Setup

Page               14012449      Allocation Journal

Page               14012701      Pre-Order Worksheet

Page               14012702      Pre-Order Worksheet Names

Page               14012703      Item Factbox

Page               14012704      Agency Factbox

Page               14012705      Standard Pre-Order Worksheets

Page               14012706      Standard Pre-Order Worksheet

Page               14012707      Std. Pre-Order Wkst. Subform


This release presents a change in system usage methodology. The following procedure documents were updated accordingly.

  1. Pre-Order and Standing Orders


Resolution: Ceres was enhanced according included procedure document.


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