Ceres5.00.12 - Minor Page Modifications

Modified on Wed, 29 Mar 2023 at 11:24 AM

Service Request or Support Case:

Issue addressed:  

  1. The Fund No. field is editable on the Agency Ledger Entry and Vendor Ledger Entry pages and should be read only.


  1. Post & Print is not available on the Agency Return Order page.  


  1. Once a Location Exists, the "Use ADCS" option on the Warehouse Tab of the Location Card cannot be checked unless the "Directed Put-Away and Pick" option is selected and that option is read only.  


  1. The Posted Donation Receipt does not abide by the No. Copies parameter specified on Report Selections.  


  1. Agency Return Order & Purchase Return Order pages have the field Agency No., Vendor No. respectively set to additional information and they should be set to standard.



Objects Affected:

Type               ID                    Name


Table              21                    Cust. Ledger Entry

Table              25                    Vendor Ledger Entry

Page               5703               Location Card

Page               6630               Sales Return Order

Page               6640               Purchase Return Order

Report            14012268      Posted Donation Receipt


This release does not present a change in system usage methodology. 

Resolution: With this release Ceres has been enhanced to address the reported issue by:

  1. Ensuring that “Fund No.” on the Agency Ledger Entries and Vendor Ledger Entries pages is not editable. 


  1. Displaying the “Post & Print” Action in the ribbon of the Agency Return Order page.


  1. Ensuring that the “Use ADCS” field on the Location page is editable by disabling the dependency between “Use ADCS” and “Directed Put-away and Pick”.


  1. Modifying the Posted Donation Order Report to, by default, print the number of copies that is specified in the Donor Report Selection.  The user can override that default value in the printing report.


  1. Modifying the Agency Return Order and Purchase Return Order pages to display “Agency No.” and “Vendor No.” respectively.

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