GL Dimension Combinations (v6.0)

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GL Dimension Combinations



Purpose of this document


Dimension Combinations provide the ability to prevent (block) Dimensions from being combined on a journal or in a document, and under what circumstances. In addition, the use of a particular dimension combination can be restricted, depending on which Dimension Value Combination is being used for the two Dimensions. For example, a specific Project Code may not be valid or used in conjunction with specific Department Codes or vice versa.


This document explains how to use Dimension Combinations in Ceres.


Ceres Object release 6.00.00 is required for the functionality described in this document.








Setting up Dimension Combinations


  1. Dimension Combinations can be accessed by selecting “Search” from the Dynamics 365 Business Central Banner and entering “Dimension Combinations” in “Tell me what you want to do” then selecting “Dimension Combinations” from the results in the Go to Pages and Tasks section OR by selecting the “Dimension Combinations” menu action (if present) from your Role Center home page.



  1. The Dimension Combinations Page displays a matrix of all combinations of Dimensions created in Ceres.


  1. The Dimensions displayed in the rows of the matrix are also represented as Dimension columns. The column headings can be changed from the Dimension Code to the Dimension Name by toggling on the Show Column Name field on the Dimension Combinations Page. Dimension restrictions are set in the columns.



  1. The Dimension Columns in the Dimension Combinations Matrix are called combination restriction fields. The combinations for these fields are accessed by clicking on one of the Dimension Columns and then clicking on the field entry.



  1. When an empty field is selected. Select a value from the list.



No Limitations: The Dimension Combination is always allowed on entries. This is the default setting for Dimension Combinations.  A blank field equals no limitations.


Limited: The Dimension Combination is only allowed in certain circumstances, depending on which Dimension Values are selected when you are creating an entry.


Blocked: The Dimension Combination is excluded from use on entries


  1.  When a populated field is selected, the restricted Dimension Value Combinations must be specified. To set up the restriction, click on the field. Then select Yes when the “Do you want to see the list of values?” message displays.



  1. In the Dimension Value Combination Page, select which Dimension Combinations you want to restrict. Then click on the field entry to display the options. Available options are Open and Blocked. The default is Open. Select Blocked to restrict the Dimension combination.


For example, if Department 1000 – Administration is restricted in that it is not a valid Department for Project - Circle of Hope, select the field entry and select Blocked. Blocked should now be displayed in the Circle of Hope column for Department 1000.



  1. Repeat step 7 for additional Dimension Values Combinations you want to restrict.


  1. Once restricted, an error message will display during posting if a user inputs an invalid Dimension Value Combination.



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