Purchase Return Order Overview (v5.0)

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Purchase return orders can be used to offset the transactional footprint of a posted purchase order within Ceres.  Whereas a purchase order notifies a vendor of the requested receipt of purchased inventory, the purchase return order notifies the vendor of the intent to return purchased inventory to the vendor.  A purchase return order is used to process the return of goods to a vendor, either partially or in their entirety.  The posting process will create both a posted purchase credit memo and a posted return shipment.


Ceres Object release 5.00.00 is required for the functionality described in this document. 



Table of Contents

Creating Purchase Return Orders


1. Purchase return orders can be accessed from Departments à Purchase à Order Processing à Purchase

    Return Orders. 



2. A list of open purchase return orders that exist within Ceres will display.  Select one from the list to edit or

    create a new order. 


Purchase Return Order Header


1. To create a new purchase return order, select Home à New.




2. Press the Enter to have Ceres automatically assign the next document number in the No. field.  This will also

    fill in the Posting Date, Order Date, and Document Date by using the Work Date.


3. In the Vendor No. field, enter the vendor number. or use the lookup to select the vendor from the list.  The

    vendor’s name, address, contact, and fund will flow from the Vendor Card.


4. Lookup in the FBC Product Source field to select a product source.  This mandatory field provides

    information to the Quarterly Poundage Report.   The UNC Product Source field will update based on the FBC

    Product Source selected.


5. Lookup in the FBC Product Category field.  This mandatory field provides information to the Quarterly

    Poundage Report.


6. Fill in the other fields on the General FastTab as needed, such as Reason Code or Responsible person.  If

    Reason Code Mandatory is toggled in the Donation Setup, select a Reason Code to designate why the

    product is being returned.


7. Move to the Invoice Details FastTab and fill in the fields as needed.



8. If you are using Dimensions, do a lookup and select a department, or if this return is part of a project, select

    a project.


9. Enter the Location where the product will be returned to.  The Location Code entered here will flow to the

    purchase return order lines.


10. Move to the Shipping and Payment FastTab and fill in the fields as needed.



Purchase Return Order Lines


1. Move to the lines of the purchase return order.


2. Select the appropriate Type from the drop down list.   In the case of purchase return orders, item would be

    the normal selection.


3. Enter the Item No. you wish to return or hit F4 to get a list of your items.


4. If a Reason Code was not entered in the Header, select a Return Reason Code or press F4 to get a list of your

    return codes


5. Enter the Location that the Item will be returned from. 


Note: If using Branches, be sure to show the Branch Code column and to select the appropriate Branch.


6. Enter the quantity to be returned in the Quantity field.


7. Enter or select the Pallet No. you wish to return. If you are not palletizing Items, then your Pallet No. field

    will be blank.  In this case, you may wish to select the Lot No. you are returning.  Once the Pallet No. (or Lot

    No.) is selected, the Bin, Lot and other information from the original Pallet will auto-fill on the line.


8. Fill in the other fields on the Line, as needed.


9. Enter additional lines if needed.




10. Be sure to confirm that all the data has been entered correctly, especially paying attention to the No.,

        location, and quantity.


11. Alternatively, you can utilize the Get Posted Document Lines to Reverse to have Ceres create the lines

        automatically. On the purchase return order, select Home à Process à Get Posted Document Lines to





12. Select the Document Type Filter to obtain the lines that you would like to select from and then select the

        lines that you would like copied to the purchase return order.  Click OK.



13. The lines are copied to the purchase return order.  Note that the document number copied from has been

        added on a separate line.  Edit the line as needed prior to posting.





14. The posting process gives the user the option of posting the return shipment or Invoice separately or

        together as follows.  The user may want to post the shipment separately and wait for the

        acknowledgement from the vendor before posting the purchase credit memo.  Either way the product is

        removed from available inventory after the posting process has been run.


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